New PDF release: A Medieval Castle

By Gail Jarrow

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been outfitted, who outfitted them, how they have been developed, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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Bayeux Tapestry: crenel: The open An eleventh-century wall hanging. space in the battlement from which arrows could be shot or objects dropped. curtain wall: The drawbridge: A stone wall surrounding a castle. bridge that stretched across a moat and could be lifted to keep attackers out of the fortress: A strong building or group castle. of buildings used for military defense. A toilet built into a castle wall. gatehouse: A castle's fortified entrance that included tow- garderobe: ers, bridges, and other barriers.

Defenders on the wall shoved the ladders away from the wall or pelted climbers with stones and arrows. Another way that attackers reached the top of a wall was by using a wooden shelter on wheels, called a siege tower. Soldiers pushed the siege tower next to a curtain wall. A drawbridge soldiers to rush at the tower's top allowed attacking onto the battlements. A siege tower had several levels. Men on the bottom level attacked the wall with picks or a battering ram. Middle levels When attackers tried to climb over the walls, defenders pushed their ladders away and pelted them with rocks and arrows.

Before and math in middle schools. Jarrow received her undergraduate degree in zoology from Duke University and her master's degree from Dartmouth College. She has castles in 4v Europe. visited several medieval BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 9999 04725 612 6 WITHD i is Nolonge Boston Public Library. benefits the Library. Sale of this material The secrets of such timeless structures as the Great Wall ot Roman Colosseum the The what series explores were built, is in the Great Structures in Hist known about how and wlr what obstacles arose, and how they were overcome.

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