H. H. the Dalai Lama, Nicholas Vreeland, Richard Gere's A Profound Mind: Cultivating Wisdom in Everyday Life PDF

By H. H. the Dalai Lama, Nicholas Vreeland, Richard Gere

ISBN-10: 0385514670

ISBN-13: 9780385514675

For the 1st time for basic readers, the Dalai Lama provides a finished assessment of crucial instructing of Buddhism. Perhaps the most distinction among Buddhism and different religions is its realizing of our middle identity.  The life of the soul or self, that's primary in several how one can Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is basically denied in Buddhism.  Even extra, trust in a “self” is visible because the major resource of our problems in life.  but a real knowing of this instructing doesn't lead one to a despairing, cynical worldview with a feeling that existence has no meaning—Far from it, a real realizing results in genuine happiness for somebody and the best resource of compassion for others.  In 2003 and in 2007, the Dalai Lama used to be invited to ny to offer a chain of talks at the crucial Buddhist view of selflessness. This new booklet, the results of these talks, is now provided to assist expand expertise of this crucial doctrine and its usefulness in residing a extra significant and satisfied life. While the Dalai Lama deals an entire presentation of his teachings on those key philosophical issues for contemplation, he additionally indicates readers tips on how to convey those teachings actively into their very own lives with techniques for a private practice.  it's only by way of truly dwelling those teachings that we let them lead to a real transformation in our conception of ourselves and our lives A Profound brain bargains vital knowledge for these dedicated to bringing approximately switch on the planet via constructing their very own non secular features, whether or not they are Buddhists or no longer.

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A PROFOUND MIND concept of "I" to be merely designated, or identified, in dependence on the body and mind that make us up. All of the three nontheistic views share a conviction in the law of causality-karma-that is responsible for all that might otherwise be attributed to a creator. ICINATION A radical difference that exists between Buddhists and nonBuddhists concerns the principle of dependent originationpratityasamutpada. On a coarse level, dependent origination refers simply to something's dependence on causes and conditions, and explains the origination of everything in terms of cause and effect.

It is by means of such contemplation that our appreciation for the value of compassion will strengthen and expand its sphere to encompass more and more beings. We also deepen our compassion by considering ever subtler levels of suffering. " We must also wish that they be -separated from the suffering of change-the happy moments that eventually end, causing misery. Most profound is a desire that all sentient beings be free of the pervasive suffering of our conditioned existence within samsara. Our compassion is also intensified when it is combined with the recognition that suffering is the result of our afflicted states of mind and the karma or actions they provoke, all rooted in the fundamental ignorance of our grasping at a sense of self.

We call this analytical meditation. It is the form of meditation that must be applied to the content of this book if we wish to bring about true change to our perception of ourselves and of our world. 25 CHAPTER 3 THE BUDDHIST SCHOOLSDIVISIONS IN BUDDHISM WE OFTEN DIVIDE Buddhism into Hinayana and Mahayana, or the Lesser and Greater Vehicles. The Hinayana, or Lesser Vehicle, is directed toward freedom from the misery of life in the cycle of rebirths within which we all find ourselves. The Hinayima practitioner pursues his or her liberation from within the fetters of samsara.

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