A Stargazing Program for Beginners: A Pocket Field Guide by Jamie Carter PDF

By Jamie Carter

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Sets out an easy month-by-month application to bare the entire evening sky's largest and most pretty secrets and techniques in exactly 365 days – and with just a couple of hours of stargazing each one month
via making an investment simply an hour every week and $50 in binoculars, it’s attainable to benefit a number of easy ideas and quick achieve a true perception into the evening sky's ever-changing styles – and what they let us know approximately Earth, the seasons and ourselves. looking extra for a realized appreciation of nature and our particular position in the cosmos than educational clinical wisdom, technology and commute author Jamie Carter takes the reader on a 12 month travel of the evening sky's marvelous annual rhythms that say rather a lot approximately Earth. throughout the trip he learns in regards to the celestial mechanics at paintings within the skies above which are – to the newbie – nearly past trust. in addition to the very important constellations and clusters, and the unusual and lovely nebulas, he searches out “dark sky locations” around the globe that aid bring up wisdom and provides a brand new standpoint on established evening sky attractions. at the trip he witnesses a sunlight eclipse and grapples with star-charts, binoculars, telephone apps, telescopes, spots satellites and makes an attempt easy astro-photography. via year's finish, the reader may be in a position to look on the evening sky from at any place on the earth and inform what course she or he is dealing with, what time it's, the place the entire planets are or even the place the Galactic heart aspect is.

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2014. February: Soaked in Stars 31 CHAPTER 2 FEBRUARY: SOAKED IN STARS The Stars of February The stargazing activities this month will involve a lot of what we learned last month. A great way to learn the major constellations and track the seasonal changes in the night sky is to reinforce what you already know each time you begin a stargazing session. So next time you go out, try to star hop from Merak and Dubhe in the Big Dipper, to Polaris (see Chap. 1) and make that the first thing you do each time you stargaze.

If Betelgeuse was where the Sun is in our solar system, its radius would stretch way past the orbit of Jupiter, completely obliterating Earth. Aldebaran in Taurus (Fig. 4) also looks orange, and while it’s smaller than Betelgeuse, its radius would still reach to the orbit of Mercury in our solar system. Naked Eye Target: The Winter Triangle Since the behemoth that is Betelgeuse doesn’t get a starring role in the Winter Circle, there’s a consolation prize in the form of this much smaller asterism, which is a much more rigid shape—it’s almost an exact equilateral triangle (Fig.

By summer, Sirius is rising in the east just before sunrise. The long, hot ‘dog days’ of summer were blamed by the ancient Greeks on the Sirius-rise, which was thought to give-off immense amounts of heat. In fact, Sirius has nothing to do with the hot months of summer, but it underlines how important the changing of the night sky has been in human history; the appearance of stars indicates the passing of the seasons. 26 Chapter 1 The Sun Versus Sirius Sirius is one of the Sun’s closest neighbors, which is why it’s so bright.

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