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By Yonge Charlotte Mary 1823-1901

In contrast to another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we've not used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this ends up in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are pictures equivalent to graphics, maps, sketches and so on we have now endeavoured to maintain the standard of those photos, so that they signify appropriately the unique artefact. even though sometimes there is sure imperfections with those previous texts, we suppose they need to be made to be had for destiny generations to take pleasure in.

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His dinner being ready, having said grace, he set to eating with an uncommon appetite ; and, whether it was the novelty of the dish, or that the meat did really deserve the praise, he really thought he never eat anything of flesh, till then, comparable to it, either for taste or tenderness. circle, Having dined both plentifully and deliciously, he most zealously returns kind Providence thanks for the late and all favours received; then, pursuant to his resolution, he goes to making nets, in order to take his game alive for the future ; and, as he had no small twine to make it with, he was obliged to unravel some of the sail which he luckily had by him ; and with the thread, twisted some of the bigness he judged proper for that use.

Should I,' said he, waste those melodious sounds, so fit to relate the Almighty's wonderful works, and set forth his Immediately he sang several psalms and hymns praise ? with as much emulation and devotion as if he had been in lished city is ; in large stones, like small mountains, laid, as it ' ' ' company with numbers of skilful and Having spent a considerable time celebrated choristers. there with much pleasure, he proceeds in his walk, being resolved to make that his place of worship for the future, and attend it twice a day constantly.

As he was debating in his mind between religion and reason, whether the latter ought not to be a director to the former, he perceived his antelopes making towards the peas, to which they doubtless would have got in, had he not returned, and driven them another way, which accident convinced him he might find a more proper time to go about his devotion, no man being retiuired to worship to his i)rejudice; so, having put off his religious duty till he had better secured his peas and beans, he cuts a parcel of branches, him but ; little invitation to take his usual walks ; STOREHOUSE OF STORIES.

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A Storehouse of Stories - Storehouse The First by Yonge Charlotte Mary 1823-1901

by Robert

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