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By Tenzin Gyatso (His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet)

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This quantity incorporates a presentation of the 2 most vital subject matters to be present in the nice Treatise: meditative serenity and supramundane perception into the character of truth.

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The gathered Works of Ch? gyam Trungpa brings jointly in 8 volumes the writings of 1 of the 1st and so much influential and inspirational Tibetan lecturers to provide Buddhism within the West. prepared via topic, the gathering contains full-length books in addition to articles, seminar transcripts, poems, performs, and interviews, lots of that have by no means sooner than been to be had in publication shape.

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Treasures from Juniper Ridge is a suite of “hidden” or terma teachings given via Padmasambhava, the Tantric grasp who introduced Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet. in keeping with Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Padmasambhava concealed many teachings to be exposed later via “revealers of hidden treasures. ” The specified caliber of the terma teachings is they offer advice applicable for every time period and person individual.

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In 1981, the respected sixteenth Karmapa, head of the Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism, kicked the bucket. His loss of life set in movement a approach to spot his reincarnated successor that originated 900 years in the past with the 1st Kamapa who used to be the 1st Tibetan Buddhist grasp ever to reincarnate.

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These meditations can also be found in the Sakya practices of Path and Fruit and in the Nyingma practice of the Heart's Drop. We have been discussing the Highest Yoga Tantra procedures according to the new tradition. But the old tradition or old transmission school, the Nyingma, refers to the Great Perfection Vehicle, whose practices consist of the Mind Collection, the Centredness Collection and the Collection of Quintessential Instructions. Although there are many works on these topics, it is very difficult to perceive the subtleties of these different practices.

To say 'Ah' is very simple, but it doesn't mean we have understood the meaning of the sutra. When we study the Middle Way philosophy in all its complexity, studying the different reasons through which we can arrive at the conclusion that all phenomena lack inherent existances, if we are to understand all the subtleties and imlications of such a philosophical view, it is also necessary to understand the viewpoint of the lower schools of thought. The conclusion you then arrive at is very simple. Because things are interdependent, and rely on other causal factors, they lack an independent nature or inherent existence.

One thing I would like to clarify here is that, generally speaking, calm abiding is an absorptive state of mind in which a person is able to maintain his or her attention to a chosen object undistractedly. Therefore, techniques for cultivating such a state are also absorptive rather than contemplative. Special insight is an analytical type of meditation, so the methods for cultivating special insight are also analytical in nature. Calm abiding is a heightened state of mind in which not only is your concentration single-pointed, but it is also accompanied by faculties of mental and physical suppleness.

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