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By Turrell . Wylie

The Nepalese component to the author's global geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod. Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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A Kun-dga'-bo (Anande) was a cousin of Sdkyamunl. They both hid the goira name of Gautama (Eliot, I, p. 133) and were closely related within the broader lineage of (he $AJryas. *» Bya-rgod phung-po'l ri (OrldhrakO|a), " Vulture Peak ", is the name of a mountai near Rajagfhi, made famous because of its association with SdkyamUni. Although Bla-ma Blsan-po, Shing-kun (folio 6-a), and Bat-gnas (folio 2-a) refer to a mountain of the same name in the Kathmandu valley, none of the western sources used mentions it.

Buddhist tradition in Tibet says this teat fell from heaven during the reign of Lha-tho-tho-ri gnyan-blsan (Padma dhor-po'i chot-’byvng, folio 97-b; Deb-ther Dmar-po, Gangtok edition 1961, folio 16-a). 71 Bha-dra-nS-tha is the Badrinalh of modem maps located in the Alaknanda river valley northwest of Nanda Devi. — 28 — region of S hi-la-na-gar72*, K ai-tar-na-tha of W a-ra-na-si 7J, and T ila-ka-na-tha in the region of Mnga’-ris 74. Near the village called fial-po rdzong75*, there is one called P u-{a-ni-la-kantha16, which generally resembles those above.

According to Hamil­ ton, (here are both Buddhists and Sivaites among the Shresthas. He wrote (ca. 1819) that " The highest rank of Shrishtas are called Sira, and are mostly traders. A lower class, called Seal, act as porters; and a still lower, called Bagul, cultivate the ground" (Hamilton, p. 33). It is interesting to note that Bla-ma Btsan-po, who wrote his geography of Nepal about the same time that Hamilton wrote his book, considered the Shresthas to be nonBuddhists, as implied by his statement that they and the Indians have other explanations than the Buddhist do for calling Bodhn&th a " cemetery " slOpa.

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