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This can result in a hyperextension or stressing of the ligaments and tendons that support the joints. Such stressed ligaments press in this area of unprotected nerves and cause pain. , should not be practiced too long or continuously. Children and teenagers should develop a feel for skills that stress the joints. When are joints stressed, and at what point are they overloaded and will hurt? Then it is time to stop the respective exercises. Finally, there is the question of where and with which parts of the body a lot of weight can be carried without a problem.

Fig. 2: Correct vertical arm and leg position Incorrect arm and leg position Important Basic Biomechanical Principles The arms should be shoulder-width apart, the legs hip-width apart. Arms and legs must be in a completely vertical position at all times so the body weight of the person on top can be transferred directly to the floor. Only then is it possible for the person on the bottom to hold this position effortlessly. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop a feel for the spinal position (see fig.

An important element of working on a performance is the structuring of transitions from one formation or pyramid to another. It is not enough to simply stand on stage and construct and deconstruct one formation after another because no later than the second pyramid, the unaware spectator will no longer be able to distinguish between the structures. But it gets exciting when one pyramid turns into a second pyramid, which then dissolves into individual or partner formations only to reassemble into another human diagram.

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A Trip in Time to the Year 2000 and Beyond

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