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4). 4 Intramolecular hydrogen bond interactions between coordinated substrate X and guanidines. In order to screen our chemistry for the existence of a secondary ligand effect, we are looking for differences in the reactivity patterns of N-peralkylated and NHfunctionalized guanidine ligand complexes. 5 The Chemistry of Guanidine Copper Complexes Peralkylguanidines are strong sp2 nitrogen donors that typically display shorter dative bonds to a metal cation than corresponding tertiary amines as sp3 donor ligands.

The question arose whether our structural model might serve as a biomimetic functional model as well. With this in mind the group of Karlin investigated the reactions of [(TMG3tren)Cu(h1-O2)]þ with substituted phenols. There was an ongoing debate about whether the superoxo or perhaps other oxygen species might be the most potent oxidants in this system. A most relevant insight of this study is that a hydroperoxo complex that is formed via hydrogen abstraction of the precatalytic (resting) superoxo species at a phenol substrate will lead to a more potent oxidizing hydroperoxo species [(TMG3tren)Cu(h1-OOH)]þ [34].

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