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Grade 5-7-This drab yet systematic survey deals scholars an outline of our examine of the pink Planet, from historical observations of its probably abnormal direction in the course of the sky to NASA's April 2004 choice to increase the missions of rovers Spirit and chance. regardless of infrequent and clumsy efforts to rev it up ("After screaming via house at 16 thousand miles consistent with hour:"), the prose is as dry because the Martian floor, and several other of the accompanying, faded-looking black-and-white photographs or diagrams upload neither details nor perception. nonetheless, made up our minds readers will locate lots of present info, plus a strongly made case for sending people to Mars, and, to shut, really thorough and resource lists. whereas Seymour Simon's vacation spot: Mars (HarperCollins, 2000) or Stuart Murray and Edward S. Barnard's Mars (DK, 2004) have a long way better browser attraction, Parks's e-book is an appropriate selection for deeper topic collections.

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11 The northern hemisphere of Mars is home to the Tharsis Bulge, an expansive volcanic region that rises six miles above the Martian surface and covers an area as large as North America. There are many volcanoes in the Tharsis area, including some so massive that they dwarf any volcanoes found on Earth. Scientists An Earth-Like World cannot say for sure why Martian volcanoes grow to be so large, but they believe it is because Mars’s surface does not consist of separate crustal plates as Earth’s does.

The orbiters fared a little better, both completing their journeys around Mars. They sent back a series of photographs, but because of the dust storm the images were no more discernible than the photo taken by Mars 3. The spacecraft were able to take measurements of the planet’s temperature, gravity, and magnetic fields, though, and these findings were transmitted back to Moscow. An American President’s Vision The Soviet Union was highly secretive about its Mars missions, so the details were not known for many years.

The Race Begins Goddard and the JPL group were designing rockets at a time when the world was becoming more focused on space exploration. By international agreement, July 1957 to December 1958 was declared as the International Geophysical Year (IGY), a time devoted to worldwide study of Earth, including its oceans, atmosphere, and solar system. Several years before, the United States had announced its plans to rocket-launch a tiny artificial satellite during IGY. The satellite would be fitted with equipment that could map Earth’s surface from space.

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