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1 . . . ~ , 9 9 ~ . . . . 1 . . 1. 1 . . 1. 1- d) c) 111 . . 111 1 1 1 9 o . 9 . 9 1 1 1 - 111 . . . 1 1 1 . . . 8: Illustration to the method of variable resolution (dots denote zeros) 40 C H A P T E R 2. g. see (Palmer 1983; Witkin 1983; Bouman & Liu 1991). On the other hand, note the similarity of the method of variable resolution to the operational principle used in pereeptrons (Minsky & Papert 1988) and pyramidal data structures (Hummel 1987). However, we go further, providing the filtering and correlation schemes with a kind of a double feedback which guides the directional search for the image deformations required.

We think that the joint use of the two fundamental principles of perception, "common fate" principle and simplicity principle, is more than simply their union. The interaction of the two grouping mechanisms results in a new quality of perceptual grouping, making it much less ambiguous. At the same time, unambiguous grouping implies stable relationships between blocks of data, preparing ground for the hierarchization in grouping. Let us formulate this as the following conjecture (Tanguiane 1990).

The first factor is a tone spectrum which is associated with a note. The second factor which is associated with the translations of the tone spectral pattern is said to be the interval distribution of the chord. 5, "Unique Deconvolution of Chord Spectra", we establish an isomorphism between polynomials over non-negative integers and discrete audio spectra with respect to addition and convolution. 2. TONE SPECTRA 47 integers, polynomials over non-negative integers have no unique factorization property, and unique deconvolution of discrete audio spectra doesn't take place in the general case.

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